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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rainbow Ribbons Sales Site Open!

Hi dearies!

Welcome to Rainbow Ribbons Sales site! =D

This site will be an all-year-round sales site and we will be updating it whenever we have clearance or whatsoever so do remember to drop by often ya! =)


Rainbow Ribbons

Yellow Tank Top

Yellow Tank Top

A simple yellow tank top for a simple day out. =)

Align Center
With flash ~

Design detail ;D

Without flash!

. Free size .
[for a comfy fit, recommended for UK 6 and below]

Price : RM 12
RM 5 !

Status : Available!

Giordano Basic Tees


Simple. Casual. Giordano!

Comes in two colours~

Giordano - S size


Brand : Giordano
Size : S
Comes in two colours : Maroon & Off White
Condition : Brand New ! Never worn before. Excellent condition! =)

Status :
Maroon - Available!
Off White - Available!

Retail price : RM 35.00

Selling for only RM 28 each !


P&Co. Tube Tops

P & Co. Tube Tops

Authentic tube tops from P & Co. ! Comes attached with the price tag as well ~

Available in four different colours! =D

White, Purple, Baby Pink and Black

The white and purple tubes have this design on the front, at the bottom-left.

The pink and black tubes have this design on the back.

P & Co. ! RM 39.00 !

The colours of the bands ! ;D

Brand : P & Co.

Size :
Purple - S
Pink - M
Black - M
White - L


The purple and white tubes have a design on their front, bottom-left
while the black and pink tubes have a design on their back. ;P

Retail price : RM 39.00 [as shown on the price tag]

Now selling for just RM 29.00 each !!

Price reduction to RM 25.00 each!

Status : All available!

Click Nail

Click Nail

We ladies often have really tight schedules, so we sometimes find ourselves
with not enough time to take care of the little details, like our nails!
So if you're always busy, but would still like to have some fabulous-looking nails,
you won't have to find time to paint them anymore!
Simply just stick it on! ;D

24 nails in a pack!
Instructions for application and removal are all provided on the back of the box!
The nails are purple-ish in colour with two white and pink flowers on each of them! =)

Price : RM 15

NOW RM 10 !

Status : Available!